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What We Do

The Family Resource Centre is here for all families ages 0-5 years in the Nipawin area.  We provide free learning experiences for the families to come together and play and explore. The Family Resource Centre also is able to suggest other professionals that can help your family strive for success. 

The Province’s Best Practice Model is Based on Four Pillars:


Parent Education

Parent Education

We help you strengthen knowledge and build the skills to help your child have the best possible first 5 years! This includes:

  • formal and informal groups and seminars, on parenting and early childhood development,

  • family literacy and numeracy programs and,

  • drop-in programs.


Parent Education

Early Learning

Evidenced based activities that build brains including play-based learning activities where families interact with one another, play groups to explore art, gross motor movement and music and early learning preschool programming.

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Parent Education

Family Wellness

We assist families to identify and build skills that support family health and wellness, including breastfeeding supports, prenatal supports, immunization clinics and community kitchens and cooking programs.

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Parent Education

Info & Referrals

We link families to supports that help them raise healthy children including topical information, registries of early childhood programs, on-site developmental screening like Ages and Stages Questionnaires and referrals to service providers.

Who We Are


Lisa Vavra

FRC Coordinator


Nipawin FRC Maria3Q7A2632.jpg

Maria Ressie Sevilla

Early Years Facilitator

Alana Burka.jpg

Alana Burka

FRC Program Designer


Other Professionals We Work With

In the Family Resource Centre there are also working professionals who work at the Family Resource Centre and see their clients here or are based out of here. Which benefits our families who come here.

Anjie Neufeld

Early Childhood Speech-Language Pathologist with Saskatchewan  Health Authority


Jessica Steadman

Pediatric Physical Therapy with Saskatchewan Health Authority


Danielle Ewanus

Autism Program with Saskatchewan Health Authority


Early Learning Professionals in Nipawin

Here is a list of other organizations in our area to help serve families with children.  If you are interested in an application or more information on one of these items please get in touch with us for more information!

Child Health Clinics

Community Health Services

Dental Health Program

Early Childhood Intervention Program

Licensed Child Care

Nipawin KidsFirst

Autism Program

Speech & Language Pathologist

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Child and Youth Mental Health Therapy

Central Park Elementary School-Prekindergarten

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